Lateral Linings Provide a
One-Step, Long-Term Solution

Sewer Savers® is a licensed installer of LMK Technologies' Performance Liner Lateral System® which uses a cured-in-place process that renews deteriorating pipes efficiently, cost effectively and significantly extending the service life of the pipeline.

The inverted lateral liner is a resin-saturated, continuous tube that cures in-place to produce a one-piece, homogenous-lined pipe. During the curing process, the liner compresses to a standard specified thickness which provides a smooth transition for a maximum flow rate.

The lateral lining process:

  • Renews pipelines that are 4 to 8 inches in diameter and up to 130 feet continuous
  • Requires no digging since the entire repair can be completed through a cleanout
  • Can be directed upstream or downstream
  • Can be visually inspected via camera under pressure for proper placement
  • Is compatible with all types of piping
  • Results in a structural, root-proof, water-tight seal that is also chemical resistant

Mainline Sectional or Spot Repairs

The same lateral lining process renews pipes from 6 to 42 inches in diameter with continuous lengths of up to 50 feet. The sectional liner can be positioned anywhere in the affected pipe with no trimming or cutting. Resin comes in contact with the pipe only at the point of repair and migrates into fractures creating a water-tight seal.

Lateral Linings PDF  Lateral Linings PDF

Continuous lateral tube
Structural full circle tube
Compressible material on lateral tube

Residential Outside Cleanout System

VAC-A-TEE® is a trenchless cleanout installation system that is a clean and safe method for installing a new cleanout that provides access to the sewer lateral pipe for easier cleaning, lining, root removal, CCTV inspection, etc. This patented system can be installed in a few easy steps with minimal equipment, disruption and restoration required.