Pump and Lift Station Lining Solutions Renew and Protect

The corrosive and abrasive environment of municipal and industrial pump stations presents a formidable challenge to an aging wastewater infrastructure. High-performance protective coatings provide a long-term, cost-effective solution for deteriorating wastewater systems.

As trained and certified applicators of epoxy and polymer, Sewer Savers has the experience and expertise to deliver effective and efficient restoration solutions for municipal and industrial pump stations. Utilizing the latest in coating technology, equipment and application techniques, we can rebuild and restore severely damaged wastewater pump stations and collection systems.

Advantages to protective coatings include:

  • Improves structural integrity and strength
  • Prevents infiltration/exfiltration leakage
  • Resistant to bacterial and chemical attack
  • Resistant to corrosion and abrasion
  • Applied coating extends the service life of structure
  • Economical solution, replacement costs are eliminated
  • Material is eco-friendly, solvent free

High-performance coatings are versatile and proven to improve the structural integrity and strength of deteriorating municipal and industrial pump and lift stations.

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Severely damaged wastewater pump statiion restored
Coating choice and thickness is determined by extent of deterioration and exposure