Experts in
Trenchless Solutions

MCSP provides safe, long-term and cost-effective solutions for the repair, rehabilitation and restoration of structurally compromised or deteriorating pipelines and water collection systems.

Whether it’s a single leaking manhole, a collapsed culvert or a 100-year-old, deteriorating underground tunnel infrastructure, we have the solution.

Trenchless | No-Dig Solutions

Our environmentally friendly trenchless, no-dig solutions target structural repair, restoration and corrosive protection to eliminate or reduce system shutdown that saves time, money and the inconvenience of a “big dig.”

Repair, Restore and Rehabilitation

We utilize state-of-the-art applications that protect the system from further deterioration, improve the structural integrity and provide better durability and longevity than replacement or less-proven restoration methods.

No Project is Too Big or Too Small

The corrosive, abrasive and deteriorating environments of storm water and sanitary sewer infrastructures present a formidable and often costly challenge for utilities, municipalities, commercial and residential property owners.

State-Of-The-Art Technology Takes Pipeline Inspection To The Next Level

MSCP utilizes the latest in pipeline inspection technologies to provide an accurate condition assessment of your sewer, wastewater and stormwater needs. This reliable infrastructure and pipeline inspection process allows for innovative decisions making and solutions management.

What We Do

MCSP is a full-service provider of cost-effective, efficient trenchless solutions serving the municipal, commercial, industrial, private and residential sectors. As specialists in structural repair and corrosive protection, we utilize the latest in coating technology, equipment and application techniques to restore severely deteriorating infrastructure, often improving structural integrity and extending the service life of the structure.

Do you have a pipeline problem? We have a solution.