Manhole Rehabilitation, Structural Repair + Corrosive Protection Specialists

MCSP’s trenchless technologies and expertise provide safe and cost-effective solutions for the deteriorating municipal, commercial and private sewer collection systems.

Experts in trenchless solutions, we target the structural repair and recommend the corrosive protection required to eliminate system shutdown. We specify the replacement or restoration methods and materials that save time, money and alleviate the inconvenience and danger of a digging.

MCSP’s team of highly skilled, experienced professionals are well trained on installation methods and product application. They are also trained to OSHA standards and certified for work in confined spaces.

Expertly Applied Solutions Restore + Protect

MCSP utilizes a specialized high-strength, proprietary blend of mortars, resins and additives that protect the concrete and brick from deterioration, improving structural integrity and providing better durability and longevity than replacement or less-proven restoration methods. Expertly applied solutions that restore and protect include:

  •  Cementitious lining
  •  Epoxy, urethane and polyurea spray linings
  •  Chemical grout injection

Other manhole rehabilitation services include:

  •  Survey, assessment, and restoration
  •  Vacuum and air testing
  • Smoke and dye testing
  • Casting adjustment | replacement
  • Bench and flow channel repair

Pump + Lift Station Solutions Renew and Protect

Utilizing the latest in coating technology and application techniques, MCSP has the experience and expertise to rebuild and restore severely deteriorated wastewater pump stations and collection systems.

Trained and certified applicators of epoxy and polymer, MCSP delivers effective protective coatings solutions that help prevent infiltration/exfiltration leakage and are resistant to bacterial and chemical attack, and to corrosion and abrasion. High-performance coatings are versatile and proven to improve the structural integrity and strength of deteriorating municipal and industrial pump and lift stations.

Ultimately, these protective coatings provide a long-term, economical solution, replacement costs are eliminated. All materials used are eco-friendly, solvent free.

Manhole Rehabilitation + Pump | Lift Station Restoration

The corrosive and abrasive environment of municipal and industrial manholes and pump stations present a formidable challenge to an aging wastewater infrastructure. MCSP’s restoration methods and high-protective applications make aged, compromised structures impermeable and help to extend the service life of the sewer line.

Leaking Manhole

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What They Say

As specialists in structural repair and corrosive protection, MCSP has been safely and effectively restoring storm water and sanitary sewer systems since 2000. Our commitment to exceeding client expectations with quality workmanship is what drives us. Critical to our success are the strong client and partner relationships that we have built along the way. We are proud of these relationships and we look forward to building upon this foundation into the future.

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