All-In-One Solution for Manhole Repair + Replacement

MCSP utilizes the Mr. Manhole system for quick cut out and replacement of manhole frames. As a fully engineered manhole frame and lid removal and replacement system, Mr. Manhole is proven to reduce time and costs, improve safety, and provides a long-term solution to sunken, debilitated manholes.

With Mr. Manhole, there are no drawn-out road repairs because this method cuts out and repairs the manhole frame in less time and traffic gets moving quicker.

Repair Process, Engineered for Strength and Durability

When compared to any other method, the Mr. Manhole repair method is stronger, more durable and has a smooth, leak-free surface that is flush with the road.

There are three major components included in the Mr. Manhole repair system: concrete, reinforcing steel, and a vylon liner material. The vylon liner material, which is approved under ASTM-F1803, is designed as a slip liner for relining sewer mains. In this relining capacity, the liner is subjected to immense hydraulic pressure to force it through the concrete sewer mainline which ultimately adds to the strength of the repair.

Throughout the repair process, the manhole frame is checked to ensure it is level with the road. Edges are sealed and finished with a medium solids sealant which gives it a slow cure time and long life. The repair is waterproof, vacuum testable, and requires no chimney seal after repair.

Round Design, Improves Structural Integrity

Advances in cutting technology makes a quick, clean, round cut possible. This round design of the Mr. Manhole process adds to the improved structural integrity of the overall repair.

There are many advantages to Mr. Manhole’s round design repair system. Here are a few:

  •  Less excavation is required with a round collar.
  •  Less debris is generated (using the debris containment shield).
  • Less replacement material is used.
  •  Circular reinforcing rods allow for maximum strength..
  •  Less damage by freezing weather, snowplows or traffic.
  •  Increased durability and longevity of manhole rehab.
  •  Perfectly designed for high-volume manhole frame repair.

Mr. Manhole: A Systematic Approach

Our experienced crews expertly make manhole removal and replacement an efficient, precise, and cost-effective process. Whether your requirement is for a few or several dozen manholes, our all-in-one solution gets the job done. And, costly traffic control hours and delays are also drastically reduced! It is the faster, smarter and safer way to remove and replace manholes.

Mr. Manhole - How it works

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As specialists in structural repair and corrosive protection, MCSP has been safely and effectively restoring storm water and sanitary sewer systems since 2000. Our commitment to exceeding client expectations with quality workmanship is what drives us. Critical to our success are the strong client and partner relationships that we have built along the way. We are proud of these relationships and we look forward to building upon this foundation into the future.

Is Mr. Manhole the right process for your repair?